Councillor Ebusang Tladi has been active in politics from the young age in 1983.  He has served the ANC Matsheng Branch as Chairperson as well as Party Agent during the first Democratic Elections in 1994.  His service orientation also got him involved in the Village and District Reconstruction and Development Forums.

Cllr Tladi has also played a leading role in the Local, Regional and Provincial Taxi Councils as Secretary, Deputy Chairperson and Chairperson between 1998 and 2016.

Key processes in which he played a leading role include:

  • Democratization of the Taxi Industry
  • Building of SANTACO
  • Participating in the National Leadership Structure of SANTACO
  • Participating in Formalising Local Development Structures in Taung

His experience in Conflict Resolution (gained during his time in Taxi Industry), Process Mapping (gained during his involvement as IEC Area Manager) and Community Development (developed during his time with Development Forums) will stand him in good stead as he leads Greater Taung Local Municipal Council.

It is his desire to help position the Council of Greater Taung Local Municipality as:

  • A united and accountable council that is responsive to the needs of the community,
  • A council that is serious about building cordial working relations with all stakeholders including Traditional Councils, and
  • Council that seeks to improve local economic conditions of all members of the community in general and youth as well as women in particular

Councilor Tladi has served Greater Taung Local Municipality as Ward Councilor since 2011 and was chosen as speaker in August 2016.