Mr Katlego Gabanakgosi has vast experience in Developmental and Local Government which he gained whilst working across Africa in different organisations:





Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique Murray and Roberts Civils Infrastructure Development Engineer 4 years
Angola Grinaker – LTA West Africa Infrastructure Development Engineer 3 years
South Africa Botshelo Water Board District Technical Manager 3 years
South Africa Moses Kotane Municipality Director- Technical Services 6 years
South Africa Greater Taung Municipality Municipal Manager 2014 to date


With a Degree in Civil Engineering and a Government Management Certificate (CPMD), Mr Gabanakgosi is in a unique position of taking a pragmatic approach to Administrative Management of Infrastructure Development, which is the cornerstone of Local Government.


In his first year in office as Municipal Manager for Greater Taung Local Municipality, the Municipality’s Audit outcome improved from a Disclaimer to a Qualified opinion by the Auditor General.  All indications are that the Municipality is well on the way to achieving a Clean Audit. The following awards were also achieved:


  • MIG Award – Most Improved Municipality 1st Position 2014/2015
  • MIG Award – Most Organized/ Dedicated PMU Unit 2014/2015
  • MIG Award – Best Performance (100% Expenditure) 2014/2015
  • MIG Awards – Most Organized/ Dedicated PMU 2015/2016
  • IMFO Clean Administration Award.


Katlego’s vision, “Kago ya Ga Rona ka Rona”, is intended to build the capable, service-driven and clean administration whose only concern is to improve the quality of lives of the people of Greater Taung and establish a good local economy.  It is his view that local people should play an active and strategic role in growing the economy and raising competitiveness levels of Greater Taung.