The Office of the Municipal Manager sees to the efficient and effective administrative functioning of the Municipality through:

  • Encouraging growth and development of the Local Economy through empowerment workshops, grants allocation and monitoring
  • Publication of all relevant notices and placement of advertisements in order to maintain continuous communication between GTLM and its publics
  • Establishment and maintenance of strategic relations with the media in an attempt to ensure that correct and useful messages are communicated to stakeholders.
  • Promoting both Brand GTLM and Brand GT through public and social media, publications (internal and external) and other platforms
  • Seeing to the provision of Information Technology support (software and hardware) to enable municipal employees to deliver services to the citizens
  • Facilitation of development of up-to-standard and implementable municipal Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plans
  • Monitoring and reporting progress towards the attainment of set goals with regards to implementation of the SDBIP to all the portfolio Committees, EXCO, IDP/Budget Implementation Monitoring Forum and Council
  • Proactively advising all municipal stakeholders on the legality of their actions in an effort to avert legal problems
  • Providing custodianship of all municipal by–laws, policies and contracts
  • Coordination and capturing of the Integrated Planning and Development processes
  • Implementation and monitoring of the IDP
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls, governance and risk management processes to ensure that Municipal objectives are met